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Whether you’re a manufacturing business, a consulting service provider, an online company, a sports studio, or something else entirely, whether you’ve already completely digitized your business or lifestyle or are still going analog – we are open to all industries and forms of organization and have expertise in all areas. To best fulfill our role as an intermediary, we tailor our approach to your particular circumstances.

What can we do for you?

Collection service

FairCollect carries out the complete collection process for you and supports you in all escalation stages if required – or only in individual areas, just as you need it. We look at each case individually and adapt the dunning process to your company, the market situation, and the possibilities of your target group.


For us, which core business you operate in which markets is irrelevant. Whoever asserts himself on the market daily with good products and fair business practices, we support through individual consulting with personal contact persons, industry-adapted processes such as dunning procedures, and comprehensive support service – also internationally. We cooperate with specialized partners as needed.

Your advantages with FairCollect

Success rate

With FairCollect, your bad debt losses will be reduced to a minimum, and your liquidity will be preserved, just like your good customer relations. How does it work? We simply work fairly.

Your debtors have a wide range of payment options with us and can agree with individual installment payments starting from minimum amounts – or even a deferral. We always keep all costs and options transparent and comprehensible for all parties involved. And if necessary, we cooperate with other specialized companies to find the right solution for all parties.


FairCollect saves you effort – and time. Hand over your cases to us simply and easily, whether digital or analog. We determine and record any changes in your debtor’s personal data for you. And, of course, we also create dunning data for you on the basis of the raw data supplied and maintain each new status.


We work in a way that suits you and your requirements completely individually. Thanks to a fast technical connection, you can easily receive your dunning data digitally and access it anytime and from anywhere (provided you have a secure Internet connection). And we are just as flexible with regard to your debtors: we offer them various payment methods with which they can make their payments in a completely uncomplicated manner – regardless of time and location.


We tailor our processes to the requirements of your industry and your own company interests. In a personal consultation, we decide in consultation with you which approach promises the fastest success. To this end, we design the type, design, and timing of the reminders entirely according to your wishes and your customers’ needs and develop our internal tools accordingly. To ensure that your good customer relations are maintained, we design the form of address individually according to the needs of your debtors: offensive, understanding, or discreet.

Our services


Prejudicial dunning procedure

In the pre-court dunning process, we inform the debtor about the outstanding debt of our client. In doing so, we request immediate payment or ask the debtor to contact us to find a suitable solution. Within the framework of the out-of-court dunning procedure, we transparently itemize the total amount owed in accordance with the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG). If the prompt and complete settlement of the debt due is not possible for the debtor, we offer individual solutions.

Judicial dunning procedure

If, despite all efforts, no agreement can be reached before the court, we will initiate judicial dunning proceedings at your request. For this purpose, we file an application with the competent dunning court for the issuance of a dunning order. The court then sends the debtor a reminder notice by mail. The debtor then has 14 days to pay the claim due or to lodge an objection within the time limit. If a court order for payment is filed, this also offers the creditor the advantage of a temporary suspension of the statute of limitations. The suspension of the statute of limitations by service of the order for payment is six months. The enforcement order must have been applied for within this period. Otherwise, the effect of the order for payment to suspend the statute of limitations shall cease to apply.

Enforcement notice

If the debtor does not pay the claim on time or if there is no objection to the default summons, we apply to the competent court for a right of execution. As soon as this has been issued, the creditor receives an enforceable enforcement order. . If the debtor does not file an objection against the enforcement order within 14 days after receipt of the order, enforcement can be pursued immediately. If a creditor has obtained a right of execution for a claim in court, the outstanding claim becomes time-barred only after 30 years.

Compulsory execution notice

If neither a payment nor an objection to the enforcement order has been made, enforcement measures will be carried out.
For this purpose, we commission a bailiff on behalf of the creditor to collect the debt in the form of compulsory execution. In this case, money and real property that can be sold are seized in order to settle the debt. In addition, the creditor can demand that the debtor provide a statement of assets (oath of disclosure), which lasts for two years. During this period, a new statement of assets must only be issued if the creditor can credibly demonstrate an improvement in the debtor’s assets. We will monitor the deadlines for this.

Disputed legal action

If the debtor files an objection or an appeal against the dunning notice or enforcement notice in due time, the collection proceedings are transferred to the competent court for clarification after payment of the cost invoice for the disputed proceedings. At the request of the creditor, we request our contract attorneys to conduct the disputed lawsuit proceedings. During the ongoing lawsuit proceedings, we handle all communication with our contract attorneys. After a legal judgment is issued, we initiate the enforcement of the outstanding debt.

Telephone collection

Nothing beats a personal conversation. This also applies to people who are in arrears with their payments. Within the framework of telephone collection, we first research the debtor’s telephone number, if necessary. We then contact the debtor by telephone. In a personal conversation, we explain the situation to the debtor and try to collect the outstanding bill in this way, but also show understanding of his point of view. The aim of telephone debt collection is to agree on a joint solution to settle the debt.

Address investigation

If a customer who has defaulted on payment has moved without giving his new home address, or if he has given an incorrect address when making a purchase, we try to determine the correct address with the help of our external address determination partners. For this purpose, we have various external address databases at our disposal. Once the correct address of the defaulting customer has been successfully determined, the pre-litigation dunning process can be continued. The debtor must reimburse the creditor for the costs of the extra-judicial residence tracing.

Residents’ registration office inquiry

The residents’ registration office inquiry is mostly used when the address tracing via external databases is unsuccessful. This is because, compared to regular address tracing, EMA is associated with higher costs but is offset by the high probability of success of the tracing. After successful determination, the dunning process is continued. The debtor must reimburse the creditor for the costs of the address inquiry.

Debtor information

Debtor information is obtained in order to obtain a picture of the debtor’s financial circumstances. The debtor directory lists both persons who have made a statement of their financial circumstances and persons against whom an arrest warrant has been issued due to refusal to make a statement of their financial circumstances. Once the result is available, we will consider further steps against the debtor in cooperation with you.


Support Inhouse

What actually happens when you call elsewhere in the so-called support? If you are lucky enough to have a real person on the line, you can often tell from the background noise that they are sitting in a call center and have merely been trained to answer your questions.

We do things differently: With us, you have someone on the phone four days a week who is actually sitting in our office and is only there for our customers! This includes you as the client, but also, your debtors should feel that they are in good hands with us. Everyone can contact us equally without shyness to clarify their concerns. And meet sympathetic contact persons who are completely familiar with the matter and will do everything to help them further – whether by telephone, via our online contact form, or by e-mail. A ticket system helps us do this, creating an overview, transparency, and better workflows.

And if it’s not about collection issues or if we really can’t help you ourselves, we’ll find the right contact person for you! We want you to get an answer to everything with us. (divinations excluded)

Personal consultation

Cases may be similar, processes may repeat, but at least the people it affects are all different. That is why we approach you, your clients, and their needs and preferences individually. We examine your claims and find the ideal way for you to deal with them in such a way that they are balanced as quickly as possible. We will consult with you and decide together how to proceed in the dunning process, e.g., in terms of the timing of the reminders or their tone.

By the way, since we know that these needs and preferences (e.g., in the way they are addressed) can vary greatly not only according to nationality but also according to industry and the respective target group, we also offer you …

Industry-specific dunning processes

Different industries and target groups require different measures and approaches, which is why we also act very flexibly here and adapt to your industry and your target persons. In the spirit of multichannel management, we use the channels that best reach you and your customers in the way you prefer to be addressed. Individually and at the optimal time.

Individual design of all processes

With FairCollect, you have the choice of how the process should look – in terms of content, structure, and even design! You decide when you want to receive invoices and which dunning processes you want to have carried out and when. If the visual appearance is also important to you, Feel free to tell us which display mode you prefer. Do you want regular status reports or update calls? You will get them, too!

Editing debtor data

It’s always the same thing: You start a business out of a passion for what you do, and then there’s this bureaucracy. Once you hand over your debt collection to us to devote your time to more enjoyable tasks, you probably don’t want to deal with data maintenance. That’s why we do it for you! Because our passion is the collection business and our concern is that the people involved stay in good contact. Of course, this is only possible if both sides have all the correct contact data. So we make sure that addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and bank details are up to date and correct. And inform you immediately of any changes. So you can always communicate efficiently.

Cooperation with specialized partners

It is a well-known fact that you are stronger in a team! In order to generate the best possible success rate for you, we not only rely on our own expertise but also like to draw on the experience and know-how of other experts in individual areas. We cooperate with other specialized companies and contractual partners, e.g., to check the debtor’s liquidity or to determine addresses.


In order to determine how successful our jointly defined approach is, we regularly conduct individual real-time analyses, prepare customized evaluations, and document all results. In this way, your customer files are transparent for you at all times, and you retain an overview. Sometimes, dunning processes drag on for long periods of time. But don’t worry: We inform you about status and finances at the desired interval, report on communication progress and settlements, and create return flow forecasts. So you are always up to date!

Personal contact

Our debt collection is also about getting people to pay their debts. FairCollect is nevertheless different: we don’t believe in being aggressive and intimidating; for us, humanity comes first. This includes good and trusting communication. That is why creditors and debtors are each assigned their own direct contact person. This person takes over the complete onboarding of the creditor as well as our internal control of the collection process. . While in other companies, which are usually organized into departments, you have to deal with different people depending on the topic, with us, everything remains in one hand. This creates trust and reliability – for both sides in each case. And it offers much better potential for optimizing our consulting in all directions. We take advantage of this.

What can we do for you?
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