About FairCollect

Personal finances are still one of the biggest taboo topics in this country. Especially when there are difficulties in money matters, no one likes to talk about it.

We believe that payment conflicts can be solved peacefully and amicably if people communicate with each other decently and at eye level. That is what we do.

We carefully consider each situation individually, explain how and why if necessary, and take care of flexible solutions. To make all processes as lean and efficient as possible, we rely on innovative technologies and the greatest possible transparency. After all, it is important to us that all parties involved are satisfied in the end – with the good feeling that they have been treated fairly. To achieve this, we use a great deal of tact and ourselves as mediators.

Our vision

To be better than the reputation of the debt collection industry. We strive to be the fairest and most digital debt collection company in Germany. Fair in dealing with our clients and debtors, as well as with our employees. And to additionally drive change in the industry through the use of contemporary digital technologies.

Our mission

To ensure that outstanding receivables are reliably recovered. We reliably ensure that companies have payment security and that they remain liquid and able to act economically without having to worry about their outstanding receivables. To this end, we seek open dialog with people on a daily basis in order to preserve their interests and business relationships with one another in the long term.

Speaking of people: They always come first in everything we do!

Our core values

Debt collection means efficient receivables management. . But we attach great importance to more: In order to increase the willingness of defaulting customers to pay, we rely on understanding, helpfulness, and non-judgmental communication with those affected. After all, people who are in payment difficulties also deserve the same respect as those who have outstanding debt. And hasn’t it happened to all of us at one time or another that we have overlooked something in the hustle and bustle of everyday life or simply forgotten about it – an invoice, for example? Exactly. That is why we maintain a fair and appreciative relationship with all parties involved and try to offer collection solutions that are as flexible and sustainable as possible. So you have less to worry about money!

Our guiding principles

We act responsibly and according to the principles of sustainability.

We find a flexible solution for every problem.

We rely on simple processes: What is easier to understand is also easier to accept.

We use innovative technologies to make processes more efficient.

We see ourselves as mediators between creditors and debtors and act in a solution-oriented manner.

Our approach is transparent and comprehensible at all times.

Our strengths

What we do, we do with real passion. Thus, we find a solution for every problem. We take into account the respective life situations and cultural backgrounds of our target persons and address them individually. Because even though our job is to get your outstanding receivables settled as quickly as possible, your customer relationships are just as important to us. We behave in a correspondingly sensitive manner.

More than 10 years experience

  • in debt collection
  • in multichannel management
  • in various industries
  • with both small and large companies
  • with different target groups

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